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Therapy that moves you closer to living the life you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?
We are an out-of-network provider (OON). This means we do not directly accept insurances. However, your insurance may reimburse you for what you paid for each session.

What ages do you see?
We accept clients ages 11 and older. For children between the ages of 11-14, we require a parent to remain in the waiting room while the child is in their session. Please understand we may recommend parent-child sessions or family sessions rather than individual sessions. We've found that children are not always able to implement changes and new skills in their home and school environment without adult support. 

What can I expect during the first session?
During the first (intake) session, signing paperwork and getting your consent for treatment is a priority. We recommend that you sign your paperwork through our portal prior to your intake so that more of your first appointment can be dedicated to your needs. The purpose of the intake session is to get to know more about you, your strengths and challenges, your needs, and your reason for seeking therapy.

Do you offer telehealth sessions?
Yes. Please note that we are ethically obligated to screen every potential telehealth client to determine if telehealth is likely to effectively meet your needs.

Does therapy take a long time to be effective?
This depends upon the nature and severity of your needs, your dedication to treatment, and your goals. Some clients have a goal for ongoing growth and mental health maintenance which means they will work with their therapist indefinitely. Other clients have a goal specific mental health or life goal they'd like to reach in order to discharge from therapy. Our therapists contemplate whether or not their skill set is likely to be effective for a client, prior to accepting cases. Our hope is to work so effectively that therapy becomes something you enjoy rather than something you need.

Do you offer crisis services?
No. We are not equipped to provide crisis intervention. Clients who are experiencing a mental health emergency should call 988 or Valley Creek Crisis (Chester County, PA residents) at . Chester County residents can plan ahead for crises by reviewing and bookmarking this page.

Do you treat Serious Mental Illnesses (SMI)?
Generally - no. Serious mental illnesses typically entail diagnoses like personality disorders, serious delinquent behavior, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, and other mental health issues that are disruptive to the person's life and are difficult to treat. For SMI, we recommend contacting a Chester County core provider for an evaluation that will match you to a fully supportive service.
Do you treat addictions?
We are able to treat the mental health symptoms connected to mild non-chemical addictions (e.g. shopping, relationships) and individuals who would like to drink or smoke less but are not chemically dependent. We do not specialize in drug and alcohol treatment. For treatment and recovery services, we recommend contacting a licensed drug and alcohol treatment provider.

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