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Land Acknowledgement

Therapy Center for Transformative Growth is based in the United States - a nation whose modern existence was founded through the colonization, erasure, and genocide of Indigenous people and whose infrastructure was built upon the backs of enslaved African Americans. Our physical location, now known as Parkesburg, PA, is situated on Lenape-Hocking and Susquehannock land stolen from its people by William Penn whose settlers subjected them genocide. We acknowledge the past and present global impact of imperialism, colonialism, genocide, and white supremacy - including how these atrocities have shaped adoption and continue to shape adoption across the globe.

We know that acknowledging the true ownership of our land is hollow without action that defines what our acknowledgement means. We actively strive to compensate Indigenous people through advocacy and accessible service. We use our platforms to condemn the ongoing use of adoption as an attack against tribal sovereignty, indigenous children, and indigenous families. We condemn the disproportionality of indigenous children within foster care systems. We call all government bodies to return to tribes their rightful resources and respect every tribe's wisdom in caring for its own dependent children.

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