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Student Opportunities

Therapy Center for Transformative Growth is a teaching practice. Our lead clinicians provide expert training to top university students. Our students, in turn, bring state-of-the-art learning and research from the classroom to benefit our clients. Opportunities are available to graduate and undergraduate students.

Our Learning Paths

Therapy Intern

Students on this path build skills to help clients identify and achieve their mental health goals.

Resource Intern

Students on this path build skills to help clients address social barriers to their mental wellness. 

Management Intern

Students on this path build skills to build, manage, and lead their own future organization or clinical practice.

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Optional Specialization

Therapy interns have the optional opportunity to specialize in adoption-competent clinical practice.

Levels of Practice

Micro Practice

Students on our therapy intern and resource intern paths build skills in micro level practice through our therapy center.

Mezzo Practice

Students can gain groupwork experience by partnering with interns at our organization, Roots Inc.

Macro Practice

Students can gain macro skills in practice management at TCTG or in research and advocacy at Roots Inc.

Therapy Center for Transformative Growth

Roots Incorporated

TCTG/Roots Incorporated

We're an Approved EPIC Field Site

Therapy Center for Transformative Growth is an approved EPIC program field site through West Chester University of Pennsylvania's MSW program. This grant-funded program focuses on increasing the number of highly-trained therapists who serve individuals aged 25 and younger. Current MSW students interested in applying for the EPIC program should contact their field liaison for more guidance.

Eligible Students

Historically, we have worked exclusively with BSW and MSW students. However, we are open to accepting students from all relevant academic paths that align with our mission, vision, and values. 

Inquire about Internships

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