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We've designed this page to give you a comprehensive idea of how to financially, emotionally, mentally, and practically integrate your coaching into your life.

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent coaching is an empowering service that creates a non-clinical relationship between a coach and a child's parents. Through this empowering relationship, parents can gain skills, confidence, developmentally-sound wisdom, motivation, encouragement, and guidance in their parenting approach with their children.

What is Growth Coaching?

Growth coaching is a service that establishes a non-therapeutic relationship with a helping professional (like a therapist). Coaching allows helping professionals to utilize their expertise in human thoughts, feelings, and behavior outside of a traditional clinical treatment model (e.g. psychotherapy). 

Our therapy programs promote health and happiness by reducing the suffering caused by hardship, trauma, and mental illness. In contrast our coaching program promotes health and happiness by helping clients remove the daily mental, emotional, and external obstacles they face towards their growth.

Get ready to thrive.

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