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Our queer and gender-diverse staff provide therapy, coaching, consultations, and group services to LGBTQIA+ youth and adults and their families.


Psychotherapy is the use of treatment modalities to transform thoughts, feelings, and/or behavior that cause a person distress or interfere with their functioning, relationships, or personal growth. Many folks choose therapy, in addition to self-help or support from loved ones, to reach their goals more quickly and with less emotional suffering.


Our therapy services for LGBTQIA adults, youth, and families are provided by LGBTQIA staff. We help our clients work through issues related to sexuality, romance, and gender identity. Our staff provides competent care for LGBTQIA people who are survivors of trauma, bullying, abuse, and anti-queer attitudes in society.


Learn more about adult therapy, teen/tween therapy, or contact us to get started.


Parent coaching is an empowering service that creates a non-clinical relationship between a coach and a child's parents. Through this empowering relationship, parents can gain skills, confidence, developmentally-sound wisdom, motivation, encouragement, and guidance in their parenting approach with their children.

Our coaching services for LGBTQIA parents (including relationship-anarchist family forms) are provided by LGBTQIA staff. We help parents develop nurturing, accepting, and affirming responses to their children who are navigating issues of sexuality, romance, and gender identity. 

Learn more about parent coaching, or contact us to get started.


Professional consulting is a advisory service that helps groups, communities, schools, businesses, professionals, and other public settings create competent serves, approaches and belonging spaces for LGBTQIA youth, adults, and families.

Our consultation services for professionals, organizations, and businesses seeking to be LGBTQIA competent are provided by LGBTQIA staff. We use research, our own experiences, and our access to the LGBTQIA community to help our clients improve their interface with this community.

Teen Groups

Our LGBTQIA staff hold regular groups for teens and tweens who need care and support through their experiences with sexual orientation, romance and relationships, and/or gender identity.

Currently, we are developing and launching support groups for LGBTQIA teens and tweens, starting January 2023. If you are an LGBTQIA youth, or a parent/guardian of an LGBTQIA youth, please fill out our interest form. 

We already think the world of you.

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